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The Perfect Soundtrack


The drip drop pitter patter
Of gentle falling rain
Plays like music
In her ears

The perfect soundtrack for
The comfort and warmth
She finds in love’s arms

Chocolate ice cream
And strawberry drippings
On kiss stained lips


Au Naturel


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It was too hot for Sunday night shenanigans
A scorching 105 degrees outside…

They both were sweating like pigs
Even with the air on

It was too hot for Sunday night loving
Any sort of shenanigans

Or at least that was what he thought

Until she introduced
Some alcohol laced ice cream
Glasses filled with ice cubes and
Frozen chocolate dipped banana sticks
And asked to play scrabble
Au naturel

Something About Sundays


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Could it be the rain?
The ice cream
The fireplace or
Perhaps the long nap
After a sexual encounter
She wondered

About Sundays that makes her
Want to get dirty.