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Grateful Notes


This journey has led
To some roads unexpected
All for a great good

A river flows in my heart
Gratitude is its heavy current
Keeping me grounded
It reminds me daily of my many blessings
And how truly far I have come

I would like to thank you all for always. A heartfelt thank you to Nicole Luongo, who so kindly nominated me for an interview on A Guide 4 Women. Many thanks to Alicia Rades for honoring the nomination, and doing the interview. Please check out the interview on the link here: http://www.aguide4women.com/2012/10/boomie-bol.html.

All of this wouldn’t have been possible without all your kind support and comments. Thank you all so much!

Gratitude echoes
Loudly in this beating heart
I hope you feel it, I pray God you hear it too