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Jordan’s Laugh

You should have heard her laugh
This one part of me
Bound by God love and blood

She calls me her mummy
Tummy tickles and friend

Her silly wild and innocent laugh
Ringing loud through cold suburban towns

Fireworks And Champagne Sparks

A delight this Sunday evening
Bubbling my insides like fireworks
And sweet golden champagne sparks

I find lazy rest in the able arms of desire
Lust and its juicy leavings on our toothy grins

A Collection Of Short Poem VII



Every child is capable
Lovingly birthed with potential


Stringing moments
Like fine pearls
We spend time as one
Daily building for them
A centered foundation


Her dimples of joy turn inward
Every happy chance she gets
Love dancing in her big brown eyes
Buttered toast, mommy, or biscuits on her mind


The colors of love
Are the colors of their hearts
Displayed brightly
When they flash their pearly whites


This laughter
Alarming giggles
Ringing gratitude in my ears
My heart beating back to life
Life, worries, bills, and chaos momentarily gone

Saturday morning fun
Has just begun


Two happy laughs tickling my essence
Tiny hands embracing my all
High fives, nighty night, sweet dreams
And funny faces
Saying it all


Quietly as I turn out the light
Just in time for sleep to set in
This heartbeat of mine whispers quietly
Her sleepy voice softer than a squeak

I love you mommy


Birthing poetry and poems
Many thanks to their daily (ness)
I could fill a book with childhood fun
And silly toddler antics
Motherhood birthing strength and creativity in words


Consumed by overwhelming love for these two
Heavenly miracles gratefully mine
I crumble slowly falling apart like a pack of cards
Under the weight of my own words
Tears free falling
Grace my only embrace


My crowning glory
These twins girls so into pink
My heart blushes love


Bless these ones
You so graciously entrust in my care
Love them oh Lord, bestowing grace daily upon them
Be their hearts’ desire, its joyful supplication

Faith, hope, and love always living in them


These Two Little Girls


Joyfully called mine
These two little girls
Pleasantly in love with pink, princesses, and purple

Oh! The happy things they do
To this beating heart of mine

*For my twin daughters, who make my heart thump with every breath they take, sometimes as they laugh in silliness or scream tears in childish naughtiness…I LOVE YOU BOTH! Thanks for not asking for goosey goosey gander, as I read this to you :). May joy always fill your hearts, as it fills mine thanks to you.*

Laughter In The Air- Friday Fictioneers 11/23


I am early for Friday Fictioneer’s hosted by Rochelle  this week many thanks to thanksgiving. This week’s image is courtesy of Joyce Johnson. Please feel free to stop by and participate, and I welcome and appreciate comments and constructive criticisms. THANK YOU ALWAYS!

A very heartfelt and sincere thank you to everyone who stops by, likes, comments, reads anonymously, and supports me in any capacity. I am honored to have you all in my world. God bless, and I am forever grateful. If you are celebrating thanksgiving, have a safe, happy, and healthy one…and if you are not, may I impolore you to take a moment out of tomorrow and be thankful…so many things to be thankful for I think. In any case, Happy thanksgiving….may you always have reasons to be thankful.

Image courtesy of Joyce Johnson

Is this supposed to be funny or scary? Adam wondered for the 100th time. It wasn’t funny in his opinion, but everyone at the house was laughing…they had all followed the creepy hand’s direction and came back cackling…now it was his turn, and as usual he felt uncomfortable.

Trent’s parties were always out of control, last time it was a drunken orgy…as Adam walked towards the direction, he looked back one last time, but before he could change his mind a strange arm grabbed him…

Adam came back stimulated…Trent’s vile frat party was ready to start….the hysterical side effect of nitrous oxide filled the air…

A Poem Born Out Of Spam, And Naughty Search Terms


Images courtesy of http://www.google.com

A lot bring people to my blog
My name unique and strange
Matched with my big African booty

These people want badly to know me
And what it’s like to make love
To an àbíkú faerie
Possibly with pictures of a black yansh

While maintaining an attitude of gratitude
Yorùbá words appealing to their sexual lust

A lot bring people to my blog
And boy am I glad they come
Leaving with short seductive stories
To tell horny girls
Bitches who love Europe

Life issues and the many
Unfortunate plights of mankind
Slipping past their Sunday night minds

Àbíkú- wanderer child. It is the same child who dies and returns again and again to plague the mother(An ancient Yorùbá belief)
Yansh- a slang, (often considered vulgar) for booty.

*I had a good laugh looking through the search terms, and spam….this poem, albeit ridiculous was born out of it all, so thanks to these people :). Whatever the reasons anyone stops by my blog, I hope they leave happy, and I am thankful that they stop by, though I doubt that picturess of any booty, big or otherwise, would be shared anytime soon. Have a lovely Friday and weekend dear friends…no, I am not an àbíkú or a faerie, or even a lethal combination of both :).  Be good to others, and to yourselves.

Smiling Splashes Of Color


Image courtesy of http://www.google.com

I can’t tell what this smile is all about
I think it has something to do with you

You who splashed color in my once dull life
Black and white it just was
With a patch of greys here and there
Sometimes I was down with the blues
Dreary and sad…all alone

These days
There are reds and pops of yellow
Spring like colors and beautiful pastels
Money green and violet purple
And just the other night
It was blossom pinks

I smile
Though I can’t tell what it is all about
But I am most certain…
It has something to do with you