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A Very Happy Mother’s Day!


Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing women out there! You deserve this day, and everyone in between.

I am up early as is usual, and couldn’t go back to sleep;  so I decided to look through old pictures and of course they were filled with images of the girls at 6 pounds or so. Amazing how time flies and how truly blessed I am to be (their) mom. I can’t help but be truly thankful and count my very many blessings. Such a great honor mommy hood has bestowed on me, and  I am sure many mothers will agree.

What is our good fortune but these ones
Who welcome, and celebrate us with I LOVE YOU
On tough hard days
And the many light ones in between
How fortunate we are
These priceless hearts
Beating love and affection
Happily calling us (their) mom

Today as we celebrate all our amazing mothers, let us go the extra step to celebrate them daily…perhaps not with all the pomp and attention today gets but still with  all the gratitude and genuine love.

Have a very blessed and happy mother’s day!


Grateful Notes


This journey has led
To some roads unexpected
All for a great good

A river flows in my heart
Gratitude is its heavy current
Keeping me grounded
It reminds me daily of my many blessings
And how truly far I have come

I would like to thank you all for always. A heartfelt thank you to Nicole Luongo, who so kindly nominated me for an interview on A Guide 4 Women. Many thanks to Alicia Rades for honoring the nomination, and doing the interview. Please check out the interview on the link here: http://www.aguide4women.com/2012/10/boomie-bol.html.

All of this wouldn’t have been possible without all your kind support and comments. Thank you all so much!

Gratitude echoes
Loudly in this beating heart
I hope you feel it, I pray God you hear it too