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Hello MAY!!!


I am new…

New in your august array
Dawn spreading joy quietly over me
A blanket of warmth peace and love

Birds chirping to my heart’s delight
A brand new day a brand new month
And lo & behold
What do you know…

A brand new me 🙂

*Happy new month friends, may it be a great one :). God bless*


An Early Morning Visit

An early morning visit with words
Whose artsy hands caressed my frame
Gently loving me without restraints
In her warm arms without care I lay
Gentle kisses from her on my soft head

Awaiting Morn


Image courtesy of http://www.space.com

The moon kisses the oceans
Reflecting love in the deep blue
Glistening bright on a silvery night

Nature blows in the darkness ever so gently
Awaiting morn…

When the sun kisses earth
Gracing mankind with newness
And warmth

Morn’s Hopeful Wings


As sure as tomorrow is promised
The pain and dark solitude of today
Will soon be forgotten
Dawn bringing love and joy
Grateful smiles on morn’s hopeful wings

* Many thanks for all the kind messages earlier, they all helped to lift my spirits. Have a great night/morning* THANK YOU ALWAYS!



The whisper of morning’s dawn
and the rise of sun on each morn
is nothing compared to the warmth
of your smile

Your hold
And heart

It’s incomparable to
The comfort
And solace
In your arms

It’s nothing compared to
The delight
and excitement
In your eyes

When I whisper
Like the dawn
I love you more today
Than I did yesterday

On a cold and rainy morning


courtesy of mr-manifesto.com

Beautiful melodies, soulful tunes
You and I can make beautiful music
On a cold and rainy morning

I hit the high notes
As you go deep down
And low
With your baritone

The rain outside
Fogging the windows
Of our studio

As we sing of life
Pain and

Expressing our affection
And devotion

Through beautiful notes
Soulful tunes
And sweet melodies

On a cold and rainy day