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Like Pink Cotton Candy On A Summer Nooon

Your eyes partly blue and darkly brown softly pull me in
Sweet & seductive I like you, so allow me to be honest
Truth is I like you a lot

The taste of you could be like warm sugar
Slightly slapping and burning the back of my throat
The part that your moist tongue could so easily tickle
Like pink cotton candy on a summer noon
Delighting my swollen navel through to my tummy

But I must refrain
Knowing your side effects is lasting
Tempting and downright sinful

(So) I keep watching from a far (unsafe) distance…

January Drizzles

This most unusual January drizzles
In the midst of Chicago’s weird winter
Caresses my body warmly
Like your tongue on my navel’s midsection

My core glows at the thought
Of this errant delight

Your Smell, Your Smile, Your Love

Your smell fills my day dreams
Lavender sweet
Like spring’s refreshing whiff

Your love like champagne showers
Intoxicates my midweek senses
Bubbling over again and again
I find I am deeply rooted

Unashamedly in love
With only you
And that smile
That polishes my navel

* This is my 400th post...THANK YOU FOR ALWAYS READING!