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My Fat Heart

My heart is obese in its affection for you
Fed full and pudgy by your late night hugs and sugar sweet kisses
That one touch and fondled cuddle before Monday dawns
With a yawn of resignation for life

Juicy warmth bringing peace in a quick embrace
One last see you soon at the door pumping more flesh
To this heart's fat

*Have a lovely week :)* This poem is a work in progress i think...

Saturday Morning Sun

Gloriously golden in its early morning rise
Saturday morning sun melts Thursday's winter white



Hope floats in the blue skies
Like a colorful butterfly

Softly dropping from on high
Like fresh dew
On green leafs

Gently it caresses each new morn
Divinely embracing
Every dawn

Awaiting Morn


Image courtesy of http://www.space.com

The moon kisses the oceans
Reflecting love in the deep blue
Glistening bright on a silvery night

Nature blows in the darkness ever so gently
Awaiting morn…

When the sun kisses earth
Gracing mankind with newness
And warmth

Still Is A New Day


The pitter patter of heavy falling rain
Outside my bedroom window
On a cold October Sunday
Wakes me to a new day

Albeit caliginous and bleak
Its dawn…

I know
It’s good to be alive!

*Have a lovely Sunday, and a wonderful week!*



Monday blues find me
Almost at sunrise
Melancholy setting in…

The golden sun shines
Reminding me of hope and life anew

Grateful for another day
Appreciation and happy contentment
For a second chance sets into my heart

Thankful smiles slowly forming on my face

* Have a happy thankful week!*

Morn’s Hopeful Wings


As sure as tomorrow is promised
The pain and dark solitude of today
Will soon be forgotten
Dawn bringing love and joy
Grateful smiles on morn’s hopeful wings

* Many thanks for all the kind messages earlier, they all helped to lift my spirits. Have a great night/morning* THANK YOU ALWAYS!



The whisper of morning’s dawn
and the rise of sun on each morn
is nothing compared to the warmth
of your smile

Your hold
And heart

It’s incomparable to
The comfort
And solace
In your arms

It’s nothing compared to
The delight
and excitement
In your eyes

When I whisper
Like the dawn
I love you more today
Than I did yesterday