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What Words Can I Say?


What words can I say?
To the one who writes the script
To the tale and every season of my life

A life that seems
Less than perfect
Mistakes and disappointments
From and on every side

Yet he remains the author
The one who perfects my faith
My source and renewal on days of doubt

Savior and heartwarming king
His love is inscribed on this beating heart
Hope pumping back in time

What words can I then say
But thank you
To the one who loves me
Through winter’s chill
And summer’s heat

His good grace bringing hope in spring


I Hope We Dance


I hope we dance
Love joy and happy laughter
True gratitude in our hearts

I hope we dance
Season in season out
In spring’s newness
And summer’s warmth

I hope we dance
Laughing heartily as we groove steadily
Autumn’s leaves slowly falling
Our frail bodies moving
Into the winter of our lives

I hope you and me…

By God
I hope we dance

9/26/12 9:26pm

*I wrote this a few days ago, and I think it might be one of my favorites yet. There was so much warmth in my heart as the words “danced” before my eyes across the screen. I thought about it yesterday, and I felt the same warmth and subtle, yet genuine excitement. I felt the same way going through it this morning…I guess I must have written it from a true, or perhaps special place. I hope it gladdens your heart as you read it.*

Have a very lovely weekend!

Cover Me


Image courtesy of http://www.givenness.com

Peel away every façade
Pull apart all the pretenses
Let the built up glass walls
Come crashing to the ground
Along with the insecurities
Hypocrisies and

Peel me apart slowly
But surely
Let the façade be gone

Spread your arms of love
Like wings over me
Cover me

Cover me in your truth
Cover me in your love