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it stared them in the face
As if daring them to be rid of it
it made a mockery of them every step of the way

One garment day in and out in the midst of flashy
Colors and spring like pastels

It haunted them in the dark
when power was out for lack of payment
it taunted them as if daring them to do something about it
and laughed in their faces when they sat motionless
Unable to speak or refute its presence
Unable to move or break from its crippling effect
breaking them in pieces night after night
when empty refrigerators stared them in the dark

It called out to them in the night when stomachs rumbled
and tiny tummies ached from hungry days and starved nights that had
Lost count and begun to feel "normal"

It made a mockery of them as a whole
And individually
from the man of the house
To the babe innocent and unfortunate

It stared them in the face day and night
As if daring them to be rid of it

And when finally it had conquered in the physical
it crept slowly like a disease into their minds
and captured their thinking and illuminating thought process
That perhaps one day one of them could stare back at it
And once and for all be rid of it

It stared at them in the face
Even in death it didn't relent
But glared coldly 
not giving a damn

Published in Black Fox Literary Magazine -www.blackfoxlitmag.com

If You Can, Then You Must


Guilty As Charged

Guilty As Charged

They make news
National news
Sometimes even global news

Parading the streets of Paris
London and Milan
New York City is their
So and so now branded

They get media attention
Worldwide coverage
After 100 hours of fantasy
Or marital display
It’s all over the news
And we can’t get enough

In street corners and
Global villages
Many die daily
From hunger and famine
Diseases and devastation
Children and younglings
Perish from thirst

But they don’t get any notice
At best they are mentioned
In sheer apathy

And why should they get
Any attention or any

What have they to offer us?
What have they done
For you or me?

Why should we care or
Give a damn
Who dies in Sudan today
Or whose son is caught
In the gang misfire on
Chicago’s Southside

How about those Ugandan kids
I don’t know them
Do you?

So-so offers nothing either

At best they give us
Foolish fantasies and
Unrealistic realities
Parading their wealth
And latest worldly gains
And that is good enough
For media attention

Thus denying coverage to
The very deserving and a
Possibly perishing generation

But what do I know myself
I am guilty as charged
I am guilty of this sin

I am guilty of
Keeping up with the Kardashians

Back Where They Belong


Pity parades on campaign trails
Blitz promises that go no further
Past lying lips and greed stained teeth

Articulating childhood dreams that were illusions
“I was barefoot from birth until age 17”
Ridiculous attempts to connect to the masses

Next time buy them shoes and
Send them on their fucking way

Talking of painful experiences and
Childhood poverty
How it shaped their lives
Causing them to think and
Want to make a difference

Well they make a difference alright
A difference that would forever remain
A difference in their oversized pockets and in
The lives of their misfit progenies
They make a difference quite well
Glamorizing the audacity of their impoverished mentality

Next time they come trying to connect
With foolish tales of their past woes
Let us ignore them completely
Like we have been ignored
Give them the cold shoulder

Show them we are no longer puppets
No longer easily fooled
Or deceived
The days of foolery are over
We as a people now know better

Motor mouthing and brain washing will
No longer work
We know better than
To vote for heartless creatures
Who forget easily how far they have come

Next time when they try to connect
We would give them the cold shoulder
Like they have given us and generations past

Perhaps buy them some shoes and
Send them and their kinds
Back where they belong

Attack And Defend


The plan was to post something light and heartfelt today. I worked on it again last night with a picture to compliment. That was the plan. But I guess plans never get the superiority when there are more pending and heart breaking issues at hand.

I woke up this morning and just like last week; there were reports of bombings in the Northern part of Nigeria. I am Nigerian, and so there was no way I could ignore that. I responded to a tweet my cousin wrote about it. I felt his pain… and I imagined how the people who were directly affected would feel.

I love Nigeria, always have, and always will. I hate the government we are left with time and time again. Empty promises, lies and downright brutes they all have been, and continue to be.

They say the opposite of love is not hate but rather indifference, again I say I love Nigeria, I hate our government, but I refuse to be indifferent about the situation my beloved Nigerians find themselves. They really hoped this time there would be a change, except it’s gone from bad to worse in less time under the current regime. A civilian bully is what this current administration is.

They sit down in their bullet proof cars, and staggering mansions, while the people who elected them are being slaughtered into limbs and heads on the streets. We have become puns in the hands of these animals masquerading as leaders.
It is time we spoke out about their raging lunacy and downright wickedness. It is time we arise in defend of Nigeria. It is time we attack and defend. (Please bear with my rants and long post this morning, my heart simply hurts for a country I love)

Words found me this morning and responded to my hurting heart, and so I wrote this-

We have no weapons of mass destruction
We carry no guns or firearms
We have no bombs or explosive devices
We are not in the least bit skilled in our aim to attack
Still we will attack

Attack and defend for our nation
Attack and defend for our children
Attack and defend for their future

No longer will we sit silent
While sadistic evil rules and triumphs
No longer will we be oppressed by our so- called “leaders”
No longer will we let injustice prevail

We will strip them bare and naked
Shame them publicly and overseas
We will call attention to their long time greed
And continued indifference laced with madness
We will shame and expose them for what they really are

We will take back our country and protect our land
We will fight for our lives and that of our children
We will arise united as compatriots for our beloved

And even though we have no weapons of mass destruction
We will attack with our pen
Our words and
The cries of our heart
We will attack with all we have

And after our attack
We will defend with our hearts
Our words and
Our might

A generation has risen
A generation has come

A generation that will attack
A generation that will defend
We will attack and defend