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I fear(fears and doubts)



Sunny June


Bright and beaming
Sunny June walked in on a quiet Saturday dawn
Alive and radiant
She cast her net over lands long frozen over
Summer peeking through blue skies
Warmth floating in young minds

* Have a beautiful June friends!!!

You And I


I like how we complement each other
You and I

Your dimpled smile and my freckled face
Your wit and wise, my sweet and charm

What a pair we are
You and I

Like this and that
Sweet and wise
Wit and charm
So and so…

You and I

Longing For Words


I long for the days when words flowed
Like rivers of many water
Pens running dry at the sight of paper
Inks wasted not night after night
Blisters and finger sores
A sign of victory
Wisely masked between metaphors
And Sunday’s steamy nights

I Want To Say I Love You

I want to say I love you
In the most poetic of ways
Using words like tendrils and lilacs
My brown face blushing masked passion and desire
On the coldest and darkest of warm summer days

I want to say I love you
Without being blunt and abrupt
Using words like my bosom &fleshy heart beating fast as one
Whenever you are near
Tingles erupting way down and below

I want to say I love you
In the most romantic of ways
Using raindrops and lullabies
Soft spoken words &gentle sweet rhymes
Syllables broken off in perfect vibes
Just as clouds start to echo in thunder
Lightning like paparazzi bulbs flashing you to my heart
Silent rain drizzling down fast

I want to say I love you
In the most poetic of ways
So I juggle silent words in my heart
Open my brown eyes and like fire
Blaze affection into yours
Knowing no words were ever necessary


it stared them in the face
As if daring them to be rid of it
it made a mockery of them every step of the way

One garment day in and out in the midst of flashy
Colors and spring like pastels

It haunted them in the dark
when power was out for lack of payment
it taunted them as if daring them to do something about it
and laughed in their faces when they sat motionless
Unable to speak or refute its presence
Unable to move or break from its crippling effect
breaking them in pieces night after night
when empty refrigerators stared them in the dark

It called out to them in the night when stomachs rumbled
and tiny tummies ached from hungry days and starved nights that had
Lost count and begun to feel "normal"

It made a mockery of them as a whole
And individually
from the man of the house
To the babe innocent and unfortunate

It stared them in the face day and night
As if daring them to be rid of it

And when finally it had conquered in the physical
it crept slowly like a disease into their minds
and captured their thinking and illuminating thought process
That perhaps one day one of them could stare back at it
And once and for all be rid of it

It stared at them in the face
Even in death it didn't relent
But glared coldly 
not giving a damn

Published in Black Fox Literary Magazine -www.blackfoxlitmag.com


Poets& writers of poems are innocent to behold
Imagination swirling and painting rainbows
In their flustered minds

Words are more than alphabets conjoined from preschool
Syllables more than breaks and form
Love is most definitely more than a four letter word
Do not get them started on hate
Their thoughts often deep and with intent

Don’t be fooled however by their canvas of words 
Spilling butterflies cocoa socks& silver lines
On a clear summer noon

Innocence is far from their flustered creative minds

*Post 500 :)* Have a wonderful week friends, God bless*