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Mommy ‘s Handfuls, Mommy’s Joy Full


She snores lightly on as I watch adoringly

Never mind she has just gotten into bed with me, disrupting my less than 6hour sleep
Her face in framed in peace as she breathes in and out.

She chews softly still as I watch smilingly 
Never mind she has just eaten through my perfectly portioned meal, reducing what was really less than enough
Her lips pursed in joy as she nibbles the last stewed beef.

I smile in both cases rest and satisfaction far from me, albeit badly needed
Such handfuls these ones can be, a never ending handful these ones will seem
But with each handful is 
My joy full… My love whole…

They are a handful
They are my joy full


Strawberry Cravings While Out Sick


I was ill for a day or two 

More I suppose 
My doctor said it was the flu
Bad case of ear infection and perhaps asthma
My body frail from pain shook with each ache
Even as my lips quivered…
They quivered for you
Juicy red between cold (chattering)teeth
I desired you like cold medicine
Dripping down pale chin 
Soothing frail licks

Cooking Food


    It is the simplicity therein

    The joy that comes from cooking food
    The love that goes into eating food
    Sometimes it is the other way around
    The love that goes into cooking food
    The joy that comes from eating food



    Tuesdays are no different from Monday…They are in fact Monday holding on in disguise
    Then there’s Wednesday, mid-week….She makes you feel good like you are almost there
    Except there’s still Thursday…dragging like a whore’s cigarette smoke…
    But Friday makes it all better…if you are lucky…its pay day play day
    But somehow Saturday is always only a few hours…five at the most….
    For Sunday fun day soon comes and goes like lightning speed…
    And in no time, Monday is back on the horizon…Holding on for too long
    Two days in a row…Disguising its second attempt as Tuesday.

    12/17/14 2:59pm
    © Boomiebol2014