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Grateful Notes


This journey has led
To some roads unexpected
All for a great good

A river flows in my heart
Gratitude is its heavy current
Keeping me grounded
It reminds me daily of my many blessings
And how truly far I have come

I would like to thank you all for always. A heartfelt thank you to Nicole Luongo, who so kindly nominated me for an interview on A Guide 4 Women. Many thanks to Alicia Rades for honoring the nomination, and doing the interview. Please check out the interview on the link here: http://www.aguide4women.com/2012/10/boomie-bol.html.

All of this wouldn’t have been possible without all your kind support and comments. Thank you all so much!

Gratitude echoes
Loudly in this beating heart
I hope you feel it, I pray God you hear it too


Whatever The Tides Of October Hold


As we close the chapter
On yet another month
September and its autumn graces
Slowly ebbing into a new month
I wonder what October will bring us

I ponder on what it might and will bring me
Perhaps love laughter and excitement
Maybe patriotism and more human concern
Or perchance some life lessons await my learning

I wonder what October has in store for you and me
Taking into consideration
It is one of my favorite months

I sure hope it brings loads of gifts
In friendship kindness love and new words
Joy and sweet experiences trailing and ordering our steps

But whatever the tides of October hold
I hope it is pleasant for you and for me
I hope our patient (waiting) dreams come alive
Our hearts and eyes seeing them all fulfilled
Cheers us on strongly into the end of the year

I pray it brings big and tiny miracles
Keeping our hearts ever humble
Forever and always
We remain truly thankful


* Happy Sunday good people!

September is all done, and October awaits our triumphs; I pray and hope it is a great month! May your yet to be fulfilled dreams and desires come true soon…have a wonderful and blessed October*

It’s great to be alive! I hope you believe and know it, carry that with you for the rest of the year.

Happy hugs and true love. Thank you always for gracing me with comments, likes, true supports, and new friendships. God bless


Your Dessert


Image courtesy of http://www.rp-l.com

Sweetly yours
This Sunday night
I am your sugar candy
Lollipop cupcake
Pink & blue cotton candy
All wrapped in one

Slowing melting
Drip drip drip
I am your crystallized sugar

Image Courtesy of http://www.google.com

Your vanilla bean ice-cream
With strawberry bits
And caramel sweetness
Wrapped under heavenly
Dark chocolate goodness

Image Courtesy of http://www.google.com

Each lick
Scoop or bite
Your chocolate bliss

Image Courtesy of http://www.foodenator.com

The only question:
Where you would like
To have your dessert…