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#Bringbackourgirls: A Cry For Help


If the children(boy and girl) are our future…Then it is up to us as “responsible”humans and adults to defend, and keep them from any and everything that seeks to hate, destroy, hurt, attack, intimidate, annihilate, and abuse them.

It is our core and essential duty. It is our life long responsibility to protect our children because they are our future… They are our tomorrow.





In The Face Of War


In the face of the war…
There are no sore losers…
Nor are there great winners
Not the one whose body hangs highest in the pile…
Lord in his life…
A mere body in death

There are no winners…
In the face of war…
Not the one left desolate at 10
To the echoes of dust and death
He must now learn to live
A child at the start of war
Soon he will be a casualty or the war’s lord

Yellow flowers know the same fate
Blood dripping red in their roots
Trampled fast before a chance at nature’s law…

Generations to come will no doubt hear of the scars
Tales of war on the faces of their history…

*Praying for the people of Kenya*

These Monsters That We Preach

These monsters that we preach 
Disguised as advertisements and fun TV shows
They lead to this hate that we have now reached
Guns passing faster than silly love notes during boring track meets
A generation fast fading in neighborhoods unseen
Their backs turned to themselves and their dying consciences
Hate is glorified in the most lavish of ways
Who can curse faster and better?
Be the bully to that freckled fatty with redhead
Love now larger and farther than a once four letter word
Still a heavy burden on the hearts of those who seek to live it
Monsters are disguised in the most beautiful of ways
Thousand dollar purses on Robertson Boulevard 
Katherine’s growing baby bump the obsession of many dawns
Youths in disdain adults in disarray
Corrupt economies on the rise as the chocolate cookies crumble
Grease stained fingers pointed in diverse directions
Yet those monsters we continue to preach have nothing to do
With the hate that we have now reached

So Many Ways To Say It… I Mean It….Thank You!


A very happy Friday to you!!!

Over the past few days I have been blessed with many awards and kind notes about this blog and humble me, and I just wanted to offer my most heartfelt gratitude. I could never thank you enough.

Many thanks to you all for the continued support, stopping by to read, leaving your kind thoughts and for the friendships…it truly warms my heart every time I hear from you.

Reading through blogs I follow this morning, I read George’s post and he left the kindest notes about some bloggers he follows, and many of them are writers I truly admire and to be thrown in that mix is such a humbling honor…I am quite sure I am undeserving but I accept his generosity happily. Thanks so much George…I really just do this for my heart…and half the time I have no idea what I am doing…still my heart won’t let me be if I don’t’…I will say it always though it would never be quite enough but THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH ALWAYS!!!

I leave you with something that caught my attention this morning during my quiet time…it’s from my morning devotion…it says “it surprises many to learn that the best way to become a good leader is to truly care about the welfare of others…” In my humble opinion, there is just something remarkable and so true about that…and I thought to share it with you.

In the business world, it is said that “A leader is someone who has the ability to influence others” I think therefore there is a leader in you and I…we just have to accept it and influence others for good…be it with our words…our thoughts…talents…abilities and more…

It is my hope that every time I post something here however sensual, silly, controversial, or otherwise it will lift your spirits…cause you to pause…think…and if the need be…act…

Have a peaceful blessed Friday and weekend. I am truly a grateful girl…THANK YOU!!!

Peace & Loveliness Always…GOD BLESS!!
Boomie Bol

Parrot My Foot (Intimate Imitations)- Duet With Susan Daniels

Parrot my foot
and imitate these hands
shriving timbers
from deep down inside

This talk of love
your empty 4 letter word
speaking to my foot
my hand responds as needed

My mouth mirrors yours
in speech or kissing
but what do these lips speak
but echoes?

Traveling down my throat
faster than the speed of light
your shivering echoes leave loss
Lies and much wrong
Your four 4 letter word
Dust in my wind…

And if we must speak of love
I need bigger words
than those four characters
tumbling in the air
trapeze artists
without nets
just skipping past gravity

We cannot fly
we only tumble

By Susan Daniels and Boomie Bol
Boomie Bol in Italics

This poem was initiated by a response to my recent Friday Fictioneers post…between Susan and I the words fell out late at night. Susan is a genius at words so this is a mighty honor for me. Thanks again for indulging me Susan :).

Her Many Different Colors

Sometimes peachy pink, on rare occasions gray
Yellow in tune with spring, red flower blossoms in February’s love
Money green, honeycomb, juicy butter suckles
That color of passion love and lust
Are all in this blending her

She is more than this black or caramel brown colored skin
That you and your color blinded kind
Only wish to see

Moving Forward


I urge, then, first of all, that requests, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for everyone- for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. 1Timothy 2:1-2. NIV

Sound the alarm, make it known
As unprecedented history resoundingly repeats itself
A generation speaking for what it believes
The horns of victory blowing in their hearts
Celebration and joy flowing from them all

And though there is still much work to be done
We rejoice still in this feat
Acknowledging the long journey ahead
Its road tough and rough

Knowing in the coming days and months
We must reach across aisles
Putting ambition, color and self-agenda aside
Working together for a greater good

For underneath our dividing differences
Lay a unifying truth
Love for a great nation, our patriotism
So together we must work
Even if and when we disagree
Every one doing their part

For progress, success, and lasting change
To prevail