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Thoughts Out Loud


I lay here in my bed thoughts of Alton Sterling’s death playing in my mind. 

Nights like this bring so many questions to mind… Questions that can never be answered… Or truly understood.

I contemplate faith… Grace… And a good God. 

I was born a Christian, and endeavor to live as such. I am born again although I question that all the time. 

Weary nights, and disheartening events like the repeated killings of young black men cause me to ponder on the notion of a good God.

A good God, and the beliefs that pertain to him were brought to the shores of Africa by the same people who constantly seek to oppress us… And I wonder how they can tell us about a God so pure…so good…so true…yet seek to destroy us… How can this God allow them?

Faith runs ahead of me many times, and leaves me contemplating…

Tonight as I approach the cross roads of pain and hurt… I find myself at the corner of disappointment and disdain… I ask this good God to come to the rescue of the oppressed… The ones who we have been told are also created in His image

7/6/16 9:21pm


Varied Circles

This dance that we dance
It goes in varied circles around the truth
Our present world so small
Yet largely outsized by hate and gloom

For all our advancement in science
Communication and supposed intelligence

Basic humanity, kindness, and love still eludes the best of us

Her Many Different Colors

Sometimes peachy pink, on rare occasions gray
Yellow in tune with spring, red flower blossoms in February’s love
Money green, honeycomb, juicy butter suckles
That color of passion love and lust
Are all in this blending her

She is more than this black or caramel brown colored skin
That you and your color blinded kind
Only wish to see

I Am Alien


Image Courtesy of http://www.thirstyroots.com

They say I am alien
‘Cause my skin is brown
And my words are accented

They say I am alien
Since my eyes are brown
And my straightened hair
Is no good when it comes
In contact with water

They say I am alien
Because I speak another
Language, often
Think a certain way and
Dress in foreign clothes

They say I am alien
For I look nothing like them
And perhaps they are right

When they cut me
I bleed just like them
Scarlet red

When they hurt me
I cry
Saline fluids
Just like they would
If ever they shed tears

When they bruise me
I hurt just like they would
If ever they were hurt

So perhaps I am alien
But they must be some sort too

About Zimmerman And Of Trayvon


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Is it about racism
and of stereotyping?

About gun control
and of senseless shootings?

Is it about self-defense
and of murder?

Is it about security
and of protection?

Is it about image
And of perception?

About Zimmerman
and of Trayvon Martin

Is it about issues we acknowledge
and of issues we ignore?



I hold on to the hope that one day
it all would end
All of it would stop

The hate the pain the war
The constant hurt of self and others

The wickedness the racism the anger
The bigotry and other selfish prejudices

All the evil ugly darkness
And hypocritical ways
Masked behind religion and
Holy ways of living

I hold on to the hope that one day
it all would stop
All of it would end

Perhaps I hold onto false hope
But still I hold on