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We have been here before…


We’ve been here before… Too many times however… It is time to change the conversation… Prolong it past 2 days of media attention… Our homes are no longer safe…schools are mini war zones, the streets tainted, places of worship now defiled… It is time to extend the conversation past 2 days of media attention. We have been here before, too many times.



These Monsters That We Preach

These monsters that we preach 
Disguised as advertisements and fun TV shows
They lead to this hate that we have now reached
Guns passing faster than silly love notes during boring track meets
A generation fast fading in neighborhoods unseen
Their backs turned to themselves and their dying consciences
Hate is glorified in the most lavish of ways
Who can curse faster and better?
Be the bully to that freckled fatty with redhead
Love now larger and farther than a once four letter word
Still a heavy burden on the hearts of those who seek to live it
Monsters are disguised in the most beautiful of ways
Thousand dollar purses on Robertson Boulevard 
Katherine’s growing baby bump the obsession of many dawns
Youths in disdain adults in disarray
Corrupt economies on the rise as the chocolate cookies crumble
Grease stained fingers pointed in diverse directions
Yet those monsters we continue to preach have nothing to do
With the hate that we have now reached



Happy birthday to ME!!!

I am a year older, with the hopes of becoming a little wise, so the days leading up to my birthday; I am excited, reflective, giddy, and downright grateful. So many blessings in my life, and today I take time to appreciate and take them all in. I won’t get another birthday until next year Lord willing, so the plan is to soak in all the love, and joy this day brings. (My almond coconut cake with white chocolate filling and finish should play a HUGE role in the joy).

I often try to ponder on thoughts as I grow, although the delivery guy asked me yesterday; if I was at least 21 and old enough to sign for a package…I thought I am at least 16… (Even if for the 100th time.)

This year I am pondering on Psalm 90 verse 12, I especially like the New English Translation; it reads “So teach us to consider our mortality, so that we might live wisely” I pray it comes true for me going forward. I pray I open my eyes to the limitless possibilities around me however short life is…I pray more than ever that I fulfill destiny…it is the cry of my heart… it is the deepest desire of my soul.

Today as I mark another year in my blessed life, I ponder on the bible verse shared above, and joyfully celebrate this moment. Thank you all so much for the calls, messages, and outpour of love. I am one loved girl.

Happy birthday to ME!!!
3/1/2013 5:05AM


So many names He carries
This God
To some he is father
Faithful, lover, comfort, peace
Friend, all of these in one

In the chaos of my paralyzing faith
Doubts and questions about any and everything

I ask
That he be to me
Comfort, Savior, answer and

*Happy new month dear friends. May it be for you and yours a wonderful one :).*

I Asked (A Late Evening Prayer)

I kneel bedside as is custom
Each late evening to pray
Tonight’s prayer a tad unusual
Fatigue laying claim to a major part of me

I asked the Savior to come into my heart
Make whole this cold heart of stone
Selfish and fleshy on its best days

I asked that he make it holy
Genuinely kind and good

Deep slumber and snores overtaking me
I asked wearily
That He make my heart see & beat truth

Now and always

Mother Nature Weeps

Mother Nature weeps
Her eyes of comfort and compassion growing dim
Her beloved and children from all corners turning on themselves
Turning on her and her beauty
Trees cut down
Built bridges and bushes burning deep wild and free

Devastation and war in the most innocent of places
Death on the rise as greed and lust flow free
With heavy blood now easily shed

Childhood has lost its innocence
Old age knows now only disdain
Hate is now on the rise as war strides high as power
The need to see and hear overcome by guns and drugs

Peace now on the back burner
Evil and anger
Rape and malice
Roaming as lords and kings among trees and leaves
Whispering deceit blaspheme and incurable incest
Humanity is fast dying

Love lost in the heart of mankind

In The Place Of Prayer

Hope is found
In these days of anxious doubts
In the healing place of prayers

My weary soul taking flight
Heart and knees bent, Lord in your sight