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A Saturday Night


Buttered toast and honey oats
Fingers crossed with cuddled toes
Warming fires snuggling close
Lovely night with unburdened clothes


To Lie In Your Arms


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How I would love to lie in your arms
Sipping fine aged wine
As you nibble on exotic and sweet fruits
Dark chocolate pieces all about

Your sultry voice whispering amusing seduction
Enchantingly into my heart
My spirits soaring
With the evening breeze

Your love, my laughter
Both echoing out loud
As our eyes full and alive

Heartily take in Rome’s beautiful architecture

Red Lips


At 13, her lips were full and scarlet red. The perfect lips for her angelic face, even mother thought on several occasions that she had red lipsticks on…but not her, her lips were natural, no enhancements, and no make ups.

If only she had known that a lifetime of kissing and making out with frogs who could never be princes would leave her lips busted, pale and bruised, Angelina would have kept her lips to herself.

Now it’s too late for her red and full lips were now thin and dark. Darker than a chain smoker’s lips.

Show Me How


I like to dance
But I don’t know how

I like to groove
But I don’t know how

I like to move
But I can’t do it alone

I want to dance
Will you show me how?
I want to groove
Will you teach me now?
I want to move
Will you move with me?

I like to dance
But I don’t know how

I want to dance
So I can be in your arms

Show me how
So I can feel your arms
Show me now
With your arms
Around my waist

I want to dance and
Lose myself in your arms
Your warmth and
The magic of your touch

I want to dance
Will you show me how?

Here Comes Summer


Image courtesy of http://www.layoutsparks.com

Here comes summer
Almost everyone is in shape
Bikini season is upon us
Others are getting in shape

Long beach strolls with lovers
Sweet romantic novels
Sunscreens and SPFs
Everyone is together

Picnics and big floppy hats
As barbecue and
Grills collide
With chickens
Corn on the cob
Beef and
All sorts of wieners

Refreshing lemonades and
Cold beers
Fancy cocktails and
Some spritzers

Block parties and
Any reason to have fun

Yes here comes summer
Tell me are you ready?



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saturdays in your
arms playing Sade’s lovers rock
with rain falling gently