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Untitled: Dinner

Spoon fed by desire
Nourished by lust
Lavishly drunk on love

For Want Of Entertainment


For want of entertainment
This quiet Saturday night
I grab a good book and some chilled wine
And let sweet thoughts of you
Like good music
Soothe my mind…

The Ones Who Call Me


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They are the reasons
Not just because it’s what they call me
But because they show me daily
What it takes to be one

They teach me
Inspire me
And propel me

They push and
Nurture the innate instincts
I never knew existed

I couldn’t be one
Without them
I wouldn’t know how
Without them

And while they will
Celebrate me and
What I mean to them

And Lord willing
Every yearly Sunday
Dedicated to this honor

I will celebrate tonight
And every Saturday night
Before Mother’s day
The ones who call me

*For my twin girls who deserve an amazing mother, and inspire me to be one daily* Love them till infinity and beyond.