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How it started





Celebrating the women who have gone ahead of us. The ones who are along with us. The women coming behind us.

We are proud of the ones before us. In support of the ones by our sides. We encourage the ones coming up and behind us.

Happy International Women’s Day!!!



Music drifted in the background as Hadija continued her chores, it didnā€™t seem like work when the stereo was playing neo-soul. Today, she had chosen Lauryn Hill, one of her favorites.

She polished the bathroom sink as the sweet sounds of Zion echoed throughout the newly decorated flat.

The song took her mind past the memories of the last yearā€¦

The divorceā€¦

Trina taking everythingā€¦

She still couldnā€™t believe knowing Trina would bring her such great luck.

“Who would have thought?ā€ she whispered.

A joyful smile filled her face as the song faded into the next.

Winning $259,000,000 seemed unrealā€¦

1/25/18 1:05pm

Ā©Boomie Bol2018

*I am currently writing a bunch of 100 word stories that I hope to share via this platform, and possibly a book. Appreciate comments and feedback.

Friday Fictioneers: His Music


Image courtesy of Jan W.Ā FieldsIMG_7855
I think his music will do them good…It flows from his beautiful mind to his fingers.

The serene melodic notesĀ take us all to a place…A place of harmonious gratitude

Where mindless worries cease and burdens lift… I know his music will do them good…

Just watch them feel every bit of it…

So sad, he hasĀ never seen the impact of his talent…

PS: Happy New Year!Ā I am hoping I can be as consistent as possible with writing this year. We shall see :).

Please feel to comment and critique kindly :).

Mommy ‘s Handfuls, Mommy’s Joy Full


She snores lightly on as I watch adoringly

Never mind she has just gotten into bed with me, disrupting my less than 6hour sleep
Her face in framed in peace as she breathes in and out.

She chews softly still as I watch smilingly 
Never mind she has just eaten through my perfectly portioned meal, reducing what was really less than enough
Her lips pursed in joy as she nibbles the last stewed beef.

I smile in both cases rest and satisfaction far from me, albeit badly needed
Such handfuls these ones can be, a never ending handful these ones will seem
But with each handful is 
My joy full… My love whole…

They are a handful
They are my joy full