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A Short Story


Dolly had to find a way to leave. She had been with Craig for two weeks after the reconciliation, and she could now see that there was no use. He was never going to be the man she met in college six years prior. Something had happened to Craig, something that had changed him into a monster.

Craig and Dolly, first met in their junior year in college, Dolly had just transferred in from the local community college, and Craig had the pleasure of doing new students orientation that morning. It was love at first glance…at least for Craig…Dolly, not so much. She didn’t even notice him past the fact that he was conducting the orientation. Nothing about Craig appealed to Dolly, until later that night.

There was a party in town hosted by Dolly’s good friend, Ben. Ben happened to be buddies with Craig who was also invited to the party. Craig never left Dolly’s side the entire night, and one month later, they were a couple.

Dolly and Craig were practically inseparable, and rightly so. There love was made for the storybook covers, they were a perfect couple, beautiful, strong together, and they very well complimented each other. Craig was a psychology major, and Dolly was pre-medical student. They were two peas in a pod, a beautiful on campus couple that everyone aspired to be like. Craig showered Dolly every chance he got, and it seemed like it was every day, many thanks to his wealthy parents inherited fortune. Dolly dotted over her charming man like a mother would on her new born child…they loved each other and it showed.

Dolly, didn’t understand why it all went wrong…two years into their marriage and Craig turned cold…he wouldn’t look at her, let alone touch her…he wouldn’t even talk to her in the house. Things came to a screeching halt however, when he slapped her for asking him a question…Dolly fell to the ground as the impact of Craig slap thundered across her soft cheeks…hot tears streamed down and seared her face.

She moved out 3 days later…

Family pleaded on Craig’s behalf and when Dolly found she was pregnant, a result of his drunken sexual encounter one late night in December, after the Christmas holidays at their in-laws on the coast. Dolly had to go back to her husband. She hoped for the baby’s sake that it all would work out for the best, but to her surprise, Craig played nice for three days and then he turned cold again. Without any chance to figure out what was going on, Dolly spent most of her time at work…taking every schedule and work load that was thrown at her.

It didn’t matter anymore, she will work her pain and sorrows away or so she thought…until that late spring dusk at work, when she saw the news…work could no longer be her refuge…her life was about to change forever…

Her unborn baby kicked in agreement…


Behind The Flicking Lamps- Friday Fictioneers 3/29


After been MIA for a few weeks, I am back this week for another Friday Fictioneer per Rochelle. This week’s image is also courtesy of her.

I came up with a short story that might be a tad vague or doesn’t say much…and yet somehow it does…please feel free to comment and offer constructive criticisms. As always join in the fun. THANK YOU ALWAYS AND HAVE A GREAT EASTER.

Image courtesy of Rochelle

Image courtesy of Rochelle

The kitchen remained just as it had been that tragic night…frozen in time, December 27th 2008 to be precise. Everything else moved on with life’s unpredictable pace, everything but this room.

Dimly lit and seemingly innocent, Sarah- Jane and her sisters made sure the room was secluded, and undisturbed…it took threats, screams, yells, and protests but they got their wish…no one dared look in the room let alone enter it. It was under preservation they said; just as their mother had wished it to be in her will…just as she had wanted it to be after that night…

A deadly and untold secret perfectly masked behind the room’s flicking lamps…

My Cousin’s Wedding- Friday Fictioneers 1/4/13


Happy New year!!! Friday fictioneers par Ms. Rochelle is on again, and this week’s picture is courtesy of Lora Mitchell. We have been told to specify what genre we write, but I am clueless in that regard, however if anyone has an idea what the genre is, please feel free to point it out.

This week I am offering a short fictional story, and a poem…comments, and constructive criticisms are sincerely appreciated. Please feel free to join in and participate. Thank you always, have a great year!!!

Image courtesy of Lora Mitchell

Image courtesy of Lora Mitchell


My cousin’s wedding was an extravagant carnival. The only child of her wealthy parents, books of check were autographed  to celebrate her union to her fiancé of 6 weeks.

The reception was filled with foods from all over the world; champagne flowed free like the River Nile. The plutocrats and silk stockings  were in attendance. It was an event to behold…and after much eating and drinking, we were entertained by fire breathers and dancers who rolled and twisted to the music of Africa’s greatest voices…The long night ended with amazing fireworks…

Interestingly so did the marriage…


Brilliant sparks fly high
In a brief moment of passion and intensity
Blue and pink hues of desire dancing across dark city skies
Love soundly reflected in two bright eyes wildly burning free

god- like beings colliding as night falls

Crazy Thinking Cat- Friday Fictioneers 12/21


It’s that time again. Friday Fictioneers courtesy of Ms. Rochelle, and this week’s photo is courtesy of Scott. I figured, I should get my story in since the world is scheduled to end tomorrow. The plan is to pig out tonight…if the world ends tomorrow, good for me…if not…ah well, back on the treadmill…

Comments, and constructive criticisms are very much appreciated. Please feel free to join in and participate. A very merry Christmas to you all. THANKS ALWAYS!!!

Image courtesy of Scott Vannatter

Image courtesy of Scott Vannatter

I am just going to guard all the Christmas decors and cards from that evil talking bird.

Parrot my foot…glad he is in the cage now. Trying to take over from me…dumb bird doesn’t understand this house is mine. Even the old woman plays by my rules…or else she gets scratched…she will never know it’s me either…she thinks it’s an allergic reaction…how can anyone be allergic to dry toast…it’s all she eats…Dr. Voodoos diet she calls it…

Oh here she comes…not the camera…be still……another picture…how many pictures? Ugh, I sure ended up with the wrong spinster…

“Twinkles say cheese…”

(Evil glare) Meow…

Passion Adrift


Image courtesy of http://www.picforme.com

Passion moves her insides, this dark yet heartfelt Sunday. Without much to do as day swiftly merges into a long night, evening fading into obscurity, she releases every hold and restraint, red wine staining pink lips. Silently and without further ado, she breaks down every guarded wall, and built up defenses.

Naked and unashamed, passion and desire now takes over, love and seduction adrift in the cold November air…Angelique Stevens is but woman in Paul’s god like arms…love and passion reflected on mirrored walls…

My Love Of This Café- Friday Fictioneers 10/26


Friday fictioneers is up and running this week many thanks to our new host Rochelle, who has so kindly taken over from Madison Woods. Her photo this week sent my heart racing with smiles…I love cafés, and every little thing about them. So I tried to channel that into my fictional  story, and then added a poem as a bonus. As always comments and constructive crticisms are welcome, and please feel free to join in and participate. THANK YOU ALWAYS!

Image courtesy of Rochelle

Oh how I love nifty little cafés…the sights…the aromas…sizzling hot coffee…warm buttered croissants… delicately soft chocolate marble pound cakes…raspberry tarts…need I say more?

Every morning, I stop by just to take in the entirety of this particular café, soft music floating around in the air with the smells, the ever friendly servers, and then there’s one…one I really like…piercing brown eyes taking my brave soul captive…my intentions completely exposed…I can’t help myself around him…

More so, when he picks up his guitar and does an impromptu performance…my mind wanders straight into his arms, and all I can think of is him…sweetly serenading my lobes…as we sip coffee…legs wrapped around each other in suspension, after a long day of loving.


Alone with my thoughts
I sit
Blindly staring out
This coffee house window

Painfully I wonder
Where our sugar and spice
Sweetly made crepess with sprinkles
On top love and contagious desire
Went wrong

This coffee house serves as
The only reminder of what once was
Quiet and lonely views
From (y)our favorite booth
Now responding to me in whispered echoes

Tears falling down the window
Of my broken soul

Silent Thoughts, Silent Vow


Ana looked at her daughter as she ate the banana, Emma had just had a plate of French fries, Chicken nuggets, and some juice. She asked her for bananas and Ana couldn’t refuse.

As Emma ate her banana happily smiling after every bite, Ana couldn’t help but wonder…what Emma would do if ever she was hungry…hungry so much that her little body twitched as hunger ravished her insides. The thought scared her.

Emma continued to eat her banana…smiling. Ana let her mind wander…she was thankful she could provide a good life for her daughter. She thought about the many mothers, and fathers who couldn’t. How they must feel to know that their little ones were hungry, and they couldn’t do anything about it.

Emma ate another banana…

Ana couldn’t stop thinking. Emma was the world to her, but so were those kids to their parents…Emma wasn’t in anyway better than them. She was fortunate to be born in this part of the world…fortunate to be born to her…but she wasn’t more deserving. Or was she?

Lost in her many silent thoughts…Ana thanked God for her daughter and all they had…she said a prayer for the millions of hungry people and especially the many hungry boys and girls around the world.

How hurt their parents must feel time and time again, when they have nothing to give their children…how ashamed some might even feel…how sad and angry perhaps…blaming themselves…hating themselves…as little tummies rumbled in the quiet.

Image courtesy of http://www.gbgm-umc.org

Ana looked up as tears welled in her eyes and smiled at Emma who was still busy munching on her 3rd or 4th banana. Emma had a very healthy appetite even though she often wasted her meals.

Ana’s childhood flashed before her eyes…the many nights her parents went without food, just so she and her younger brother could eat…the many nights she gave her brother her own loaf of bread, when he wanted more…

Ana whispered a thank you to the Heavens…and vowed silently to make a difference…one hungry child at a time.

Image courtesy of http://www.google.com

It is my will and
Heart’s desire that
No one let alone a child
Should ever go hungry

It is my prayer and
Heart’s longing that
In the not so far future
No one let alone a child
Will ever be hungry

Image courtesy of http://www.hungrykids.org