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Let me in the warmth of tonight
Be me in the touch of your might
Tears of restless nights washing weeks of fatigue afar
Summer’s subtle rain bringing us closer
Late night’s gentle breeze blowing soft
It’s whispered breath on my tender chest




Desire found me at the crack of dawn
Dressed in black and shades of blue
Breathing warmth to my cold heart
It colored my dimpled cheeks red

During The Night

Traces of you & our mid-afternoon antics flush color to my pale cheeks
Blushing red in contained excitement I smile wide and loud
As I remember us and those things we did

My Fat Heart

My heart is obese in its affection for you
Fed full and pudgy by your late night hugs and sugar sweet kisses
That one touch and fondled cuddle before Monday dawns
With a yawn of resignation for life

Juicy warmth bringing peace in a quick embrace
One last see you soon at the door pumping more flesh
To this heart's fat

*Have a lovely week :)* This poem is a work in progress i think...

1/1 All Day

Punch drunk on love
Steeped in fine aged wine
Watching the Tudors
Evidence of this lust and fun
Staining soft satin sheets and pearly white teeth

Read Me To Sleep

Tell me a story with the power of your voice looking deep into my eyes
Read the words you see darling read them to me out loud
Like a bedtime story a lullaby sung softly
Gently read me to sleep sensually in your arms