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Music drifted in the background as Hadija continued her chores, it didn’t seem like work when the stereo was playing neo-soul. Today, she had chosen Lauryn Hill, one of her favorites.

She polished the bathroom sink as the sweet sounds of Zion echoed throughout the newly decorated flat.

The song took her mind past the memories of the last year…

The divorce…

Trina taking everything…

She still couldn’t believe knowing Trina would bring her such great luck.

“Who would have thought?” she whispered.

A joyful smile filled her face as the song faded into the next.

Winning $259,000,000 seemed unreal…

1/25/18 1:05pm

©Boomie Bol2018

*I am currently writing a bunch of 100 word stories that I hope to share via this platform, and possibly a book. Appreciate comments and feedback.


Mommy ‘s Handfuls, Mommy’s Joy Full


She snores lightly on as I watch adoringly

Never mind she has just gotten into bed with me, disrupting my less than 6hour sleep
Her face in framed in peace as she breathes in and out.

She chews softly still as I watch smilingly 
Never mind she has just eaten through my perfectly portioned meal, reducing what was really less than enough
Her lips pursed in joy as she nibbles the last stewed beef.

I smile in both cases rest and satisfaction far from me, albeit badly needed
Such handfuls these ones can be, a never ending handful these ones will seem
But with each handful is 
My joy full… My love whole…

They are a handful
They are my joy full


A Short Story


Dolly had to find a way to leave. She had been with Craig for two weeks after the reconciliation, and she could now see that there was no use. He was never going to be the man she met in college six years prior. Something had happened to Craig, something that had changed him into a monster.

Craig and Dolly, first met in their junior year in college, Dolly had just transferred in from the local community college, and Craig had the pleasure of doing new students orientation that morning. It was love at first glance…at least for Craig…Dolly, not so much. She didn’t even notice him past the fact that he was conducting the orientation. Nothing about Craig appealed to Dolly, until later that night.

There was a party in town hosted by Dolly’s good friend, Ben. Ben happened to be buddies with Craig who was also invited to the party. Craig never left Dolly’s side the entire night, and one month later, they were a couple.

Dolly and Craig were practically inseparable, and rightly so. There love was made for the storybook covers, they were a perfect couple, beautiful, strong together, and they very well complimented each other. Craig was a psychology major, and Dolly was pre-medical student. They were two peas in a pod, a beautiful on campus couple that everyone aspired to be like. Craig showered Dolly every chance he got, and it seemed like it was every day, many thanks to his wealthy parents inherited fortune. Dolly dotted over her charming man like a mother would on her new born child…they loved each other and it showed.

Dolly, didn’t understand why it all went wrong…two years into their marriage and Craig turned cold…he wouldn’t look at her, let alone touch her…he wouldn’t even talk to her in the house. Things came to a screeching halt however, when he slapped her for asking him a question…Dolly fell to the ground as the impact of Craig slap thundered across her soft cheeks…hot tears streamed down and seared her face.

She moved out 3 days later…

Family pleaded on Craig’s behalf and when Dolly found she was pregnant, a result of his drunken sexual encounter one late night in December, after the Christmas holidays at their in-laws on the coast. Dolly had to go back to her husband. She hoped for the baby’s sake that it all would work out for the best, but to her surprise, Craig played nice for three days and then he turned cold again. Without any chance to figure out what was going on, Dolly spent most of her time at work…taking every schedule and work load that was thrown at her.

It didn’t matter anymore, she will work her pain and sorrows away or so she thought…until that late spring dusk at work, when she saw the news…work could no longer be her refuge…her life was about to change forever…

Her unborn baby kicked in agreement…

Friday Fictioneers, I Wonder What This Is-3/8


It’s that time of the week again, Friday fictioneer par Rochelle, and this week’s photo is courtesy of Jennifer Pendergast. I came up with this fictional story that is not the best but is the best I could come up with. Comments and constructive criticisms are very much welcome, and feel very free to join in the fun and participate. THANK YOU FOR ALWAYS STOPPING BY. Blessings for a great weekend!

Image courtesy of Jennifer Pendergast

Image courtesy of Jennifer Pendergast.

Bunmi squinted… after only 3 hours of sleep she could barely keep her tired eyes open. It didn’t help that the snowstorm had caused power outage and her glasses were still missing.

Reaching over in the dark for her phone, she checked her email…there was a message from Rochelle. She tried to stare at the image but there was no use, it was hard to see…it looked like a giant candle to her, but after the doctor’s results on her eyes it really could be anything…

She rubbed her tired eyes again as a tiny voice called for her in the dark…the unknown image in the email bothered her…she wanted to know what it was…she wanted the lights back, and her vision right…

Too Late- Friday Fictioneers 12/28


I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, and great holiday. Friday fictioneers par Ms. Rochelle is on again, and this week’s photo is courtesy of Jean L. Hays. This week I have come up with a short story, comments and constructive criticisms are most welcome. Please feel free to participate in this writing challenge. Have a lovely weekend, and many thanks always.

Image courtesy of Jean L. Hays

Image courtesy of Jean L. Hays

The coffee wasn’t the best in the neighborhood, but the service was excellent, and it helped that the girl of his dreams, Sandrine worked there. Alec spent many mornings sitting and peering through the window of Fulton Coffee house…he dreamed of holding her…loving her…but was too shy to say a word…

Today however, he had written a poem from his heart… words of affection for the waitress who made his heart skip three beats at once…he had stayed up all night to write it…

Sandrine came rushing in, smiles all about her freckled face…”Maman, Éric m’a demandée de l’épouser” she said flashing a giant diamond on her dainty finger…

Alec’s coffee mug crashed slowly to the ground…

Pained Memories


She traced her frail fingers through every scar and mark knowing they ran deeper than they looked. Yes they did.

Each scar told a story, a tale of her life; every mark a memory, a reminder of her pained past. The death of her parents, the foster homes, the abuse, secret abortions… marriages that didn’t work, the one that almost worked…his death…the surgeries….the buried secrets…the…

As details of these pained and hurting memories continued to play in her mind, she felt an unusual presence and looked up at the ghost standing before her. Tears poured down her already swollen and unrecognizable face as her worst and biggest fear was confirmed…

Even after the type of life she had lived, this was the one thing she could never handle…she could never live with this.

She reached for her cell phone as the tears continued to pour, the clouds outside her home darkened for a brief moment, almost as if acknowledging her doom…she sat back quietly waiting…waiting for the news of what maternal instincts already knew…

Her cell phone finally rang after weeks of waiting…praying…hoping…crying…waiting and more waiting…

She let out an inaudible gasp as the voice on the other end spoke…the cell phone dropped from her already frail hands crashing to the ground… her fears confirmed, she walked to the mirror…looked at herself and the ghost standing behind her….for the first time in three weeks after hearing the news of her only daughter missing on campus, Monica smiled…Lillian was the only thing she did right in her 50 years of living…her only good thing was now gone…she reached for her revolver…

Five minutes later a loud shot rang through her quiet suburban neighborhood….it awoke her 35 year old neighbor, who crawled under his bed and dialed 911…