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Sunny June


Bright and beaming
Sunny June walked in on a quiet Saturday dawn
Alive and radiant
She cast her net over lands long frozen over
Summer peeking through blue skies
Warmth floating in young minds

* Have a beautiful June friends!!!


Like Pink Cotton Candy On A Summer Nooon

Your eyes partly blue and darkly brown softly pull me in
Sweet & seductive I like you, so allow me to be honest
Truth is I like you a lot

The taste of you could be like warm sugar
Slightly slapping and burning the back of my throat
The part that your moist tongue could so easily tickle
Like pink cotton candy on a summer noon
Delighting my swollen navel through to my tummy

But I must refrain
Knowing your side effects is lasting
Tempting and downright sinful

(So) I keep watching from a far (unsafe) distance…

Shapely Legs Of Summer Rain

Shapely legs of summer rain
walked slowly past the corridor of my icy heart
soothing soft as satin silk on my smooth shaded skin
my icy heart faded to null& roamed right into your 12o'clock arms of spring
pretty pink petals dancing before my grey colored eyes
your scented steps left a trail of scintillating rainbow

He Kissed Her

He kissed her
On soft moist lips
A warm brown stain left lingering
Long after his summer scent was gone

The Things He Saw(What He Saw)

He saw sunny summer in her stride
The warmth of June in her poised walk

He caught a glimpse of the golden sun reflecting off her trails
Her feet & footprints august on brown sandy beaches

He saw drops of spring in her tender eyes
Pops of yellow April and lilacs bright
Soft smile turned inward like dew drops of rain

He saw life in her soul
Love listed in adequate shades

The clear blue waters echoed her name
Teasingly calling her love...

*I can't decide on what I want or think the title should be :). 
Have a blessed and fulfilling week!*

In This Year’s Spring

When the rain falls on us in this year’s spring
Your ready red lips I slowly will kiss
Pink and yellow blossoms dancing all about
Warmth slowly reignited
As sunshine June begs to say hello

This December

Trying to win me over
With its warmth
Enticing my heart with spring like temps

Black hair bouncing in the air
Legs and arms out like summer
I am sleeveless in December
And can't help but wonder

Could this be the calm before the storm
And if I should take heed...