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This Heart

Thumping desire with every breath that it takes
This delicate heart basks brightly
Glowing sunshine in your warm embrace

Nature’s Balancing Act

Gray and mostly cloudy in these parts, the skies mope
The sun warmly bright and golden glistens proudly in some other parts
Nature finding a way to create balance in her tilted world

If I Could

If I could, I would turn the tide of this bitter cold
Gently breaking its back into many small unrecognizable fragments
And slowly open the skies to the Sun, golden warm like your touch

A Poetic Moment-Friday Fictioneers 11/9


I hope everyone is having a great week so far. Friday fictioneers by Rochelle is on and cracking (I have always wanted to say that, lol). This week’s picture is also courtesy of our host, Rochelle.

The photo prompt this week had something poetic about it, at least to me. I tried to write a short story but it reads as a poem in my opinion, so instead I am offering two poems. Please feel free to comment, and leave constructive criticisms…I really do appreciate them. And you are welcome to join in and participate. THANK YOU!

Image courtesy of Rochell Wisoff-Fields


A poetic moment richly crafted in this window sill
Ice adorning cold glass frame like heavy lace stitching

Nature’s Christmas day décor

Golden bulbs reflecting bright light
From within

A pseudo sun
In December’s gloomy freeze


In the unquiet of my world
I stay frozen
Winter’s ice on the window of my soul
Once tender, now ice cold stone

My eyes recognize nothing
Unloved they remain
Yet without disdain
They stay transfixed in this season
Cold and lonely without hope

Beauty stands no chance
Forever going on unseen

Springs’s rebirth a myth
In this heart and eyes

Frozen with and over time

Glorious In Its Rise


Image courtesy of http://www.google.com

Glorious in its rise
The sun shines brightly
My heart basks in its warmth


Glowing brightly golden
This Sunday morn
The sun radiantly shines
On this part of the world

My heart basking in its warmth
Gloriously says a prayer for you

May you always find newness
With many reasons to smile

And lots of happy blessings
To be very thankful for

Awaiting Morn


Image courtesy of http://www.space.com

The moon kisses the oceans
Reflecting love in the deep blue
Glistening bright on a silvery night

Nature blows in the darkness ever so gently
Awaiting morn…

When the sun kisses earth
Gracing mankind with newness
And warmth