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I Ask Not


I ask not for words on a platter of gold
Only on blank screens and papers
Straight from my heart
Where truth resides


Write Me A Love Letter


I wonder if you could write me a love letter
On this wind struck Sunday night
Ink of red oozing love on blue scented papers
Your handwriting speaking of your brash affection for me

Write me a love letter speaking volumes of your innermost thoughts
My essence consuming your waking dawn
Love perfectly tucked between I and you
Desire awakened as you seal and send off to me

Sunday And Tuesday’s Collision

Your smell after that cold shower
Splashes your cologne’s musky scent
Into my heart’s weakest refrain
It awakens senses wisely buried
I can no longer help myself
As Sunday night rips into Tuesday’s unrest
Fatigue and warm desire subtly &softly collides


The music of desire plays softly tonight
Light rain fogging clear windows
And I would do a dance to nature's low music
Barry White accompanying with his baritone
But alas I am a skinny girl with two left feet
Perfectly stuck in my six inch heels
(Shame it is for I am the only African girl I know who can't dance)
So I release the strings of my pale red dress
Perfectly worn like a second skin and
Delicately held together by stitches of black lace
(For I need a plan B for tonight's seduction)
My petite frame swaying sensually to the beat
In perfect time for our tongues to meet as soft lips part to whisper...

Late Sunday Night

I walk hand in hand with you
Through the garden of fresh desire
Love blooming like red rose petals usher in spring
The sweet fragrance of our (late) night air

Droplets of silver rain gently trickle down
Your soft palms melt into mine
The thirst of a fortnight quenched 
In one passionate smooch

Hug My Lips

Hugs my lips tight as can be
Smack my upper lip with your lower one
Pink and juicy red colliding

I slightly bite your lower lip with my toothy grin

Write A Poem With You In Mind

I wonder if it would be OK if I asked for your name
After this one slow dance
So at night when all is quiet and dark
I can write a soft spoken poem with you in mind

A haiku or Tanka of sorts will be great for starts
But 5-7-5…with added syllables of 7-7 wouldn’t do
This brief moment of our souls meeting square
Holding a lifetime so intense and wildly bare