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So Many Ways To Say It… I Mean It….Thank You!


A very happy Friday to you!!!

Over the past few days I have been blessed with many awards and kind notes about this blog and humble me, and I just wanted to offer my most heartfelt gratitude. I could never thank you enough.

Many thanks to you all for the continued support, stopping by to read, leaving your kind thoughts and for the friendships…it truly warms my heart every time I hear from you.

Reading through blogs I follow this morning, I read George’s post and he left the kindest notes about some bloggers he follows, and many of them are writers I truly admire and to be thrown in that mix is such a humbling honor…I am quite sure I am undeserving but I accept his generosity happily. Thanks so much George…I really just do this for my heart…and half the time I have no idea what I am doing…still my heart won’t let me be if I don’t’…I will say it always though it would never be quite enough but THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH ALWAYS!!!

I leave you with something that caught my attention this morning during my quiet time…it’s from my morning devotion…it says “it surprises many to learn that the best way to become a good leader is to truly care about the welfare of others…” In my humble opinion, there is just something remarkable and so true about that…and I thought to share it with you.

In the business world, it is said that “A leader is someone who has the ability to influence others” I think therefore there is a leader in you and I…we just have to accept it and influence others for good…be it with our words…our thoughts…talents…abilities and more…

It is my hope that every time I post something here however sensual, silly, controversial, or otherwise it will lift your spirits…cause you to pause…think…and if the need be…act…

Have a peaceful blessed Friday and weekend. I am truly a grateful girl…THANK YOU!!!

Peace & Loveliness Always…GOD BLESS!!
Boomie Bol

Saying THANK YOU!!!


If you could see my heart
You would find the words written out…

If you could listen to my heart
You would hear the words speaking loud…

If you could touch my heart
You would feel the words beating too
Fast and slow
Loud and clear

Echoing through my being
These words of gratitude
That daily consumes me
Your kindness overwhelming me

My heart knows no other response
So it writes, speaks, beats, and echoes


*Dedicated to everyone who continues to show me support, and love on this journey.Special thanks to everyone who nominated me for an award or tagged me over the past few weeks. I appreciate you all. Have a lovely week, and remember to be good to yourself, and others. God bless.

Reader Appreciation Award


Reader Appreciation Award

I’ve been nominated for the Reader Appreciation Award by: http://gladiuspoeticus.wordpress.com. You have to check him out, he write in English and Dutch I believe. Great stuff always. Thank you again and again for all these kind awards…a bit overwhelming :).

How It Works:

1. Include the award logo somewhere in your blog.

2. Answer these 10 questions, below, for fun if you want to.

3. Nominate 10 to 12 blogs you enjoy. Or you pick the number.

4. Pay the love forward: Provide your nominee’s link in your post and comment on their blog to let them know they’ve been included and invited to participate.

5. Pay the love back with gratitude and a link to the blogger(s) who nominated you.

The Questions…

  • What is your favourite colour? Depends…been known to like blue, black, gray and purple
  • What is your favourite animal? Dogs
  • What is your favourite non-alcoholic drink? Coke Zero
  • Facebook or Twitter? Don’t know honestly…don’t care
  • Favorite pattern? Polka Dots
  • Do you prefer getting or giving presents? Giving.
  • Favorite number? 1
  • Favorite day of the week? Sunday (wink, wink)
  • Favorite flower? I know nothing about flowers…but I liked the ones from a friend’s recent wedding…Calla lillies I think 🙂
  • What is your passion? Writing

Thank you again so much for this nomination http://www.gladiuspoeticus.wordpress.com, and it is a pleasure reading all the amazing posts from blogs I follow and come across. Keep up the great work!

Here are the nominees:

1. http://decumminspoetry.wordpress.com/

2. http://professionsforpeace.com/

3. http://rosedeny.wordpress.com/

4. http://kiramorrescloset.wordpress.com/

5. http://subhanzein.wordpress.com/

6. http://nutsfortreasure.wordpress.com/

7. http://autumnsunshineandgabrielleangel.wordpress.com/

8. http://discoveranddevour.com/

9. http://iamrahulashok.wordpress.com/

10. http://poeticlicensee.wordpress.com/

11. http://rurlink.wordpress.com/

Thank you all again so much,  I have so many amazing and dedicated readers but I don’t know if you all do these award things…still I am very thankful to you all for always stopping by to read.

It’s great to write all the things I post, and it’s even more humbling to have people who read them. Thank you all so much. Have a lovely evening and a very relaxing safe weekend.


Boomie Bol

The Words Will Not Form


The words will not form
Like I need them to
Making this feel rather inadequate

When all I am trying to write
Is a polite expression
Of my heartfelt gratitude

With a prayer or two
That the new month
Warms your heart
Delights your soul
And blesses your spirit

The words would not form
Like I need them

Sincere Gratitude: Thank You!


Today is not one of my best days as my head is banging like the sounds of a million drums in perfect unison. It doesn’t help that I have twin toddlers at home, who have chosen today to showcase their “operatic” skills. Even ibuprofens couldn’t cure this head banger :(.

However I am a strong being, and so after a great lunch, I just chilled and refused to think, write, read, or do any other thing. I closed my eyes and let my mind rest for about 2 hours. Sleep took over, and I can’t say that it helped much but it knocked me out and that was good enough.

I can’t wait for the day to end really, as my body aches and my head is still throbbing. And so I am slow and sluggish today, not very happy. But then I got a BBM from a good friend (one of my favorite people) and it made me smile.

Her message was -“5,126 hits on your blog… shows we can do anything we put our hearts and minds to” Well done! I had done all my blogging work today like a Zombie really, but her message made me smile, thankful.

It really has been an amazing ride these past few months. I am so thankful to everyone who has indulged this “larger than life” dream of mine.

Thank you all for taking time out of your busy lives, and schedules to read, click, like, comment, follow or even look at my blog and its contents. It makes my heart soar knowing that there are people willing to read what I have to write, and then take time to give their thoughts.

You are all so kind and generous with your time, and I sincerely from the depths of my heart appreciate that. Thank you for keeping the stats up :).

Here’s hoping there would be many more great posts worthy of your time, and feedback. And even though my head is still banging, my heart is pounding with excitement from all the love I have received from this blog. I feel like I have become friends with some of you already :).

If I could see and talk to everyone who has come across this blog, I would scream thank you from the mountain tops, but I don’t think it would do justice to how grateful I am.

Still, when words are not enough to express our thoughts, I think the simplest ones we find speak volumes, and so from my sincere heart to your generous ones- THANK YOU!!!

Love, Peace & Sincere gratitude
Boomie Bol

Thank You!!!



I started blogging recently but I couldn’t consider myself a blogger; nah, too many awesome bloggers out there, who actually know what they are doing. I could give a few mentions here, but then I wouldn’t want to put anyone on the spot. Nonetheless I love writing, I really do; even though my first paper in college got a D, and the prick said my writing annoyed him. Still, I find writing therapeutic.

What I enjoy just as much are the nice comments, likes, and recommendations I get from other writers, bloggers, and friends. They make me smile, and keep at it, knowing that other people besides my younger sister (who I hound every day and bribe to read my posts) are actually reading :). Yep! I like the validation.

So this note is to thank everyone who ever read my posts, or will in the near future. Special shout out to all who follow, recommend, and comment. My heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to all the bloggers who like my posts. Here’s hoping I can continue to write about things that you enjoy and find worthy of your time.

I am truly thankful for the support, please keep them coming. I feed off of them. THANK YOU!!!

Boomie Bol