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Walking With Happiness- Poetry Prompt By Recton Poet


I was reading some blogs earlier in the day, and came across this prompt by Nicholas Gagnier of http://retconpoet.wordpress.com. I started working on it immediately, I usually don’t like to do challenges, no special reasons, my nerves just always get the best of me, but since I am looking to push myself in many ways; I decided to do this.

You can find the video and link- here. This is what I came up with, feel free to join if interested; see his blog above for more information. As always, please feel free to critique and analyze :). Thank you!!!

I walked on sunshine
In ‘95 when I was with him
It was great
But that was it

In the new millennium
I walked on water
I found faith
And embraced a new religion
But that was it

Now as I sit back
Watching the sun set
Over the glistening waters
Of Lake Michigan and
I can’t help but smile

I have had love
And faith
I now have life….

I picked a pebble
Tossed it up then down
I smiled again
My heart full
Glad and

Knowing I had found myself
I had embraced my truth

No longer scared
I now walk with myself
Walking with happiness