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1/1 All Day

Punch drunk on love
Steeped in fine aged wine
Watching the Tudors
Evidence of this lust and fun
Staining soft satin sheets and pearly white teeth

To Lie In Your Arms


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How I would love to lie in your arms
Sipping fine aged wine
As you nibble on exotic and sweet fruits
Dark chocolate pieces all about

Your sultry voice whispering amusing seduction
Enchantingly into my heart
My spirits soaring
With the evening breeze

Your love, my laughter
Both echoing out loud
As our eyes full and alive

Heartily take in Rome’s beautiful architecture

For Want Of Entertainment


For want of entertainment
This quiet Saturday night
I grab a good book and some chilled wine
And let sweet thoughts of you
Like good music
Soothe my mind…

Let You And I


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Let you and I
Make today a lazy day

My braids down to my back
As I lay my glasses on the side table
Yours on the oak desk

Exotic books, foreign magazines and
Sunday newspapers all around us
As we sip hot Belgian chocolate cocoa
Or perhaps fine aged French wine
Watch some television
And roll around in the hay

Let you and I make
Today a lazy day
Listening to sweet music
By the mighty Bobs’
Dylan and Marley
Singing of love and freedom

And after more twirling and
We come up for some air
Just in time to continue our dally

Let you and I make
A very lazy day

An Ode To Food


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I am no connoisseur of your sophistication
I have no mastery of your art
I am not even close to being skilled in your preparation

But I understand well your consumption

How my tongue burns at your sight
My mouth salivates in your presence
As you stare me in the face
Beautiful and appealing

To the eyes
To the mouth
To my guts

Whether I have you with the best Sauvignon Blanc
Club soda so dry
Or even with plain still water
You are always the main attraction

The object of my appetite’s affection
Be it from a street vendor
Or the best cafes on
Avenue Des Champs Élysées

You satisfy my hunger
Give my stomach fulfillment
And leave me delectably pleased

Oh how sweet and savory you can be
Teasing my palates

Oh how spicy and sour you sometimes are
Pleasing my mouth
And filling me up

And when our time is done
Oh yummy food
Delighter of my mouth
Nourishment for my being

I love that I can burn the caloric intake
Of your power
On my big and steady machine lover