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foreign names



Poets& writers of poems are innocent to behold
Imagination swirling and painting rainbows
In their flustered minds

Words are more than alphabets conjoined from preschool
Syllables more than breaks and form
Love is most definitely more than a four letter word
Do not get them started on hate
Their thoughts often deep and with intent

Don’t be fooled however by their canvas of words 
Spilling butterflies cocoa socks& silver lines
On a clear summer noon

Innocence is far from their flustered creative minds

*Post 500 :)* Have a wonderful week friends, God bless*

Repeatedly Writing Itself

I take advantage of these thoughts
Turning them into words

Some loves are meant for the pages
Like ours repeatedly writing itself

You and I
Fill the empty spaces
Every magical encounter a verse
A chapter or book in the making

Where I Belong


Image Courtesy of Penny

This is where I belong
Among the stars- YOU!
Words shining so brightly

My heart soars to new heights
Pitter patter
Pitter patter
Excited that words flow
Through you to me
Through me to you

This is where I belong
Among the stars- YOU!
Words shining brightly
Lifting my mood
Tickling my toes
Swelling my head
Making me proud…

This is where I belong
It is where my heart soars
Among the stars
Words shining so brightly

My heart goes pitter patter
Pitter patter

*This poem and image was inspired by Penny‘s post “The Gift of Belonging.” I dedicate this to her. Please check out her site when you can. Great stuff!*

The Blissful Adventurer


I bet everyone is doing great today…I really do hope so, been catching up on blogs and posts…so much talent out there. So, today I was checking my emails and trying to catch up on all the amazing blogs I follow as usual, when I saw a post that looked all too familiar…

I clicked on the post to read it, and lo and behold…it was a poem written by me. Apparently, my poem is the featured post on the blissful adventurer’s blog today.

Michael Housewright, author of www.blissfuladventurer.wordpress.com is out enjoying Italy with his lovely wife, and had been sending me emails via his good friend Annie to inform me of the post but I didn’t see the mails…too many emails or more like too many email addresses  :).

I had written the poem, when Michael posted something about coffee on his blog and I commented on inspiration to write something, and he offered to critique it for me, and so I sent him an email and he went over it and asked me to work on it  some more…

So the poem is featured on his very amazing blog today; if you don’t follow or know of  his blog already, and you have some free time, I urge you to check his stuff out. He has some amazing pictures and many tales of his trips around the world…one of his posts about Hong Kong was even freshly pressed about a month ago, and the blissful adventurer is just really an all-round nice guy.

I am humbled that my poem is worthy enough to be featured on his blog… I am even so much more humbled and happy that this caught me unawares…because if I had known ahead of time, I would have been editing and restricting and just making a mess of it all…so this poem is my very unedited poem…no make ups or fancy paddings…and for Michael to use it makes my heart appreciative. I must say I really like the poem.

Please stop by his blog at http://www.blissfuladventurer.wordpress.com and experience his amazing work. You wouldn’t be disappointed I assure you .

Thank you again the blissful adventurer, I am sure you are having a blissful time in Italy and will be back with many great tales…

Thank you all for taking time to read this blog and the blissful adventurer’s… Have a lovely day!!!

Boomie Bol

Like, Coment, Follow


Lately, I have come across a bunch of posts and comments about liking and commenting on posts, I read a nice one yesterday by Randall Dean Scott, http://www.randalldeanscott.wordpress.com check it out if you can. I also read a comment last week about liking a post and not getting a like back. And these thoughts came to my mind and I decided to share.

I must say that I, like many other artists and writers seek support and validation. To have someone tell me “my work is amazing,” give me a nudge to keep up the good work. I think it is human nature, but does it really matter if I get that or not?

It’s great to get good support, feedback, constructive criticism and all that but should that be the deciding factor in our work or is it the reason why we write and post the things we do? Or better yet should we let it bother us as much as it does?

Some of my supposed “closest” friends have never been on my blog and does it suck? Yea!!! Do I care? Honestly NO, not anymore… For the small lot of them that hasn’t read or visited my blog, I have been blessed with thousands more that have.

And on the issue of “likes and comments;” if I like a blogger’s post and comment and he or she doesn’t do the same, is that reason to be bothered? Honestly, I don’t think so and I don’t see the big deal. I like or comment because I have a response, not because I want them to come over to mine. I choose to follow blogs because I choose to and offer my support as best as I can but I don’t do it to have them come over my blog or follow me. If they do great, if not; all is still very right with the world.

I come across new blogs while reading other people’s blogs and I click their links, read, like and/ or comment, even follow if I choose. I don’t do it for them to come over to my place, and often times they don’t. I still follow, read, and support. Would it be great to have them return the gesture, yes but that’s not my reason for following, and it’s not why I am on this forum.

As Randall said in his post we all write for different reasons and yes we are sensitive to our craft but we must find inspiration within ourselves to keep at it. Like, comment or not! Writers and artists in general can be too modest to the point of insecurity, a big example ME. But even I know there are times I am writing poems and stuff and I tell myself damn! this is good, then I post and the response is low, and my heart sinks but then I remember my sister’s words “you have to believe in yourself, and your work. It’s not a popularity contest.” And I get back to doing what I need to be doing.

We all write for different reasons, and must never lose sight of that. I know why I write and why I chose to put myself out here like this, and I can honestly say that I have achieved 75% of that reason. For me to be able to come to the point where I can write a post like this and actually mean it…yep indeed I am finding myself, and I like it.

So amazing bloggers of wordpress don’t let the “like button or comment box” deter you from the real deal. Remember the real reason you put your pen to the pad or type away at the keypad and let that be your motivation and validation. And if many likes and comments accompany that, then all well and good.

And with anything in life really- “forget the validation, keep at your craft.”

Best wishes…

Late Night Visit


In deep sleep on my king size
When you come no you creep in

In bits at first but even that has my attention
As I roll over rubbing my sleep heavy eyes
And prop up pillows for what I know would
Be a long session of passionate outpour and release

I don’t mind though
I am ready for you to take over
At this late hour
As the first bits become bigger and

And even bigger

I open myself up to you completely
Allowing your power to take over
At this odd hour when like the rest of the house
I should be deep in dreams

Still I don’t mind
And continue to pen my thoughts
As you are now pouring out of me
Like a jug of freshly squeezed cow milk

And as the results of your late night visit
Come together
I find my mind clear and
My head void of thoughts
As I manage to grasp the last bit of you

Before you fade away and are completely gone
Silently and quietly just like you came