Big Words


I could never use those words

They seem so big

And out of reach

For a lowly girl like me

What do I know of words like?



And other highfalutin

And lah-de-dah words

What do I know of big words?

What do I know of any words?

I am just a plain-vanilla

A product of British colonization

And a very Anglophone father

Who never said lazy but rather sloth

And every time he said that

I thought he meant slut…

What then do I know of big words?

When I could never tell when it’s

Sloth or slut


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  1. haha, due to my work I know 5 of those! lol
    Generally I’m not a big word person though as I like the practice of speaking to/with a broad audience and I never want people to feel they need a dictionary to understand what I’m saying.

  2. LOL!!!I know our Dad’s saying that I just recently deciphered was “I don’t give a dime”( in my teenage mind I just thought we couldn’t be that hard up!!!)when what he really meant was damn!!!…the fog around this issue just recently cleared in my adult mind!!!it’s gottaq be the Naija accent…….LOOL!!!…..xx

    • Lol…the first time he said it, i thought “just cos i didnt clean my room…glad i figured it out eventually. My dad was too prim and proper…i didnt know poop as that as a child rather dad always said defecate, and thats what we all said. can u imagine at 3 telling my teacher, i would like to defecate please LOL!

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