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Always and Forever


If there’s anyone who knows me then they know how deeply I love my dad, and the pride in my heart that I was his daughter.

Yesterday, my heart crashed inside when I got the news I still can’t bring myself to say.

To know my dad is to love him, he was wonderful, and good. It hurt me even more because I wasn’t there to love on him abundantly one last time. I had the plans but God had other plans.

I take comfort in my last image of him, and imagine my arms around him, and I whisper “I love you, and thank you.”

My dad did what many couldn’t, and he had no expectations for doing them. I hope he knows how much I love, adore, admire, and respect him. I hope he knows how grateful I am for everything. How fortunate to have been raised by him.

I learnt and saw tender love from my dad. The kindness of heart, and generosity of spirit. He was truly remarkable and unashamed in his love of us.

I remember listening to the radio as a little girl with him, and us trying to pronounce “Alabama.” I remember him sitting with his books and watching his granddaughters.

To know my dad is to love him. He was selfless, and good.

And while my heart is broken over this burning pain, I know in time it will get better. I also know I will sorely terribly miss him.

I am not alone in my feelings… my siblings’ hearts echo these same thoughts. We were most fortunate of children to have had him.

I hold on to all the great memories and God, were there so many…even towards the end.

I’m not sure how heaven works but he is now reconciled with his wife after 17 years of being without.


I have known and loved great men. The most of all you.

My heart holds you in its beats always and forever. Thank you!

Love profound

Your daughter and friend.

3/23/18 6:11am

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