She Came Back Home


Monday July 2, Poetry prompt by Karen B Nelson’s Reason 2 Rhyme- this day in history.

Here is my response to the “This Day in History…” prompt. I used a day in my personal history.


My heart is racing back and forth
Excitement is building
Increased anticipation

Everyone is home
Each excited in their own way
Smiles and loud laughs
It hadn’t been so in months

The car pulls in
We all rush out applauding
As she steps out strong and able
She looks up with love and gratitude
Eyes looking healthy
Every step strong and confident

We laugh and cheer
Hugging and squeezing
Mommy is finally home

She isn’t sick anymore…

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  1. Great sentiment here – and a happy ending! I like the line, “we all rush out applauding”. There’s times we all have someone we’d like to give a standing ovation to! Thanks for sharing your sweet words!

  2. Mothers are known to be strong and fearless. It’s hard to imagine your own mother helpless and sick. Nothing is more joyful than knowing that a mother has regained her strength and health after being so weak for so long. A happy picture you have painted.

    • Yea and it’s heartbreaking when they can’t help themselves. I wrote this from the perspective that she got better and her final days weren’t at the hospital but at home. Yea I like to think in my heart if she could she would have come back home healthy and strong :). Thanks so much for this heartwarming comment. Have a wonderful week. Big hugs

    • Oh absolutely :). Thank you so much and i didn’t cry this time too when i wrote it lol. I am getting stronger i think…i hope. Hope you are staying cool…it is freaking HOT!

  3. That last line is the best… I was going to say ‘kills it’ meaning good but I’m careful in writing about the phrases I use — I didn’t want you to think I meant it as bad. This last line pulled an emotional reaction from me.

    • Oh SCB ” kills it” is a HUGE complement with mucho swag :). I could never think that. Thanks so much, I think it’s that line that makes the post. Big hugs for this comment.

  4. I can totally relate to it even mom stays sick often its always heartbreaking to see her suffer but when she comes home back the relief n happiness is explanable very nicely done!felt….

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