Last Call- Guest Blog


As I stare at the sun through these frames, I thank God for life, then return to one of my many disgusting habits.

I pat myself down, pull a packet out. Take a stick from it, tap it down and light it. Nicotine rush, I feel my brain get ignited. A little woozy, blink and the rush is gone, I take a couple more drags.

Inhale! Exhale! Ash it out! Stare at it burn, as I think to myself, something else might be the death of me. I am deceiving myself , I know I am lying to myself, pretending that I don’t know what these sticks do to me.

Yet I will not quit, not that I can’t. I just refuse to. It has become a friend. A silent friend… But in this silence another realm of comfort has been discovered. So from time to time, I visit…

On some occasions I have another friend who accompanies me. This companion I speak of glides over my tongue smoothly…“Tanqueray, with some ice and tonic please.”

I glide along this cold stream, in the clouds of fumes, peace of mind never departing. Well not until the bartender rings the bell. “Last call!”

And I am back on earth; I grab my coat and leave.

Outside in the still of the night, rain accompanies the darkness once more, so I pat myself down, find one more stick and…

I light one for the road.

– © Gbemiro *ade* Adebimpe”

Bio: Architect, Musician, Artist, Poet, and a few others might come along eventually. I am all about living life to the fullest as long as God approves and he is with you. LOL (lots of love.) xx

Written by Gbemiro Adebimpe
Manchester, UK


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  1. I haven’t had a smoke for 383 days, or a drink for 396 days. This post made both of those things very appetizing, and yes, that is a compliment. I haven’t wanted a cigarette this bad since I saw Denzel Washington smoking in a movie.

  2. I had those disgusting habits and felt stuck. Cigarettes rob us of chances for a rich, healthy, inspired and active life. They offer the chance to sit on our ass and fool ourselves. The seratonin rush passes quickly. The impaired life stays until/unless we realize our addiction and press through to MUCH better things. We just have to believe! ( :

  3. It is not easy, but with determination, you can quit. My husband smoked for the better part of his life and quit nine years ago. He has never looked back. Wishing you all the best, Gbemiro. Thank you for such a fine prose. 🙂

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