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I have said it before, I will never be freshly pressed…I just know it. However I know people who have been…I follow them, and they follow me, so I am thinking in a sort of connected way…I can claim “been freshly pressed” Right? No…ok, then if you say no :).

Anyhow, one of my friends and a blogger who I follow, Michael- TBA is a freshly pressed recipient, and featured my poem “Coffee” a while back on his blog while he was enjoying the sights, foods, wines, and the many wonderful regions of Italy. Now if that doesn’t make me connected to freshly pressed; people I don’t know what else will…except maybe this…

TBA sent me some of the pictures from his many visits to Italy, and asked me to run with it… he said there is a real story to the pictures but I have no idea what that story is.

I accepted the challenge and came up with some poems and an overall story to what I perceived from the pictures…he is featuring them on his very poular site today, as part of his IMO Thursday series. How kind of him!

Tomorrow, he will reveal the real story behind the pictures, a continuation of his ongoing posts about his top 25 Italy moments. The pictures he sent me are from his #10 moment. I have never been to Italy, but have heard it is a beautiful place…Michael and his many stories, and pictures take the country and its many cities and regions to a whole new level. His site will make you fall in love with this country even if you have been before…and I am most certain Italians would be very pleased with his many depictions of their country.

If you are a lover of good food,  great photography, fine wine, and well told stories then you must check out Michael at TBA, I am sure you would be taken in by all the greatness his site has to offer. I am humbled to be his featured writer this week. I think he might have been too kind with his opinion of me, but I accept it graciously.

Please stop by TBA and see for yourself what I am writing about, read my post and his many fine ones and tell him what you think of them. Also tomorrow, he will reveal the real story,  you wouldn’t want to miss that. Let’s see if I came close to the real jist or flopped.

As always thank you for indulging me and giving my heart and passion a place to thrive. I remain always grateful, humbled and appreciative.

You can also add and follow him on twitter and pinterest. Now, off to TBA :).!!!

Love Much
Boomie Bol


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  1. Congratulations Boomie. I love your humility. You deserve every kind word written about you. Write on my sister!! 🙂 Big blessings….off to TBA!! xx

  2. I’m back and blown away as usual! You are truly blessed!! Congratulations once again. I expect big things from you….I know it, I just know it!!! Blessings…

    • And that is where it matters honestly…the whole freshly pressed thing would be too much attention for me…that is not bad but i can’t deal with it. Thank you!!!

  3. #1: I am a lover of all of those Italian things you just talked about
    #2: So excited for you about your writings on Michael’s blog and I can’t wait to read the post
    #3: I would say you are Freshly Pressed, Boomie. You’re even six degrees higher than Kevin Bacon would ever dream to be 🙂

    • You are the coolest ever Oster’s mom, just the coolest. Thank you so much, you would enjoy his site, he has stories and pictures from his time in Italy and some other parts of the world. He is one hungry and thirsty traveller 🙂

  4. I will definitely check out the link to Micahel’s blog 🙂 Thank you ~ and congrats!! I was never quite sure what ‘freshly pressed’ was about ? WordPress chooses favorites?? LOL! ~ no worries – you are on my list no matter what!!!

  5. Boomie,
    What a warm and flattering post! I just thought you would share a bit of the story and the link. You went far above and beyond here my friend. Well done Boomie and I am honored you think so highly of me. Let’s get you freshly pressed and the absolute attention you deserve for excellence in writing and humanity!

    • Thank you :). Nah no freshly pressed for me can’t handle that kind of attention i think :). I just used it as a base to start the story that’s all. A few of my friends sent messages via facebook and can’t wait for the big reveal…

  6. Wow, Oh Boomie, how wonderful. His photo’s, your beautiful blending of words capturing of what his photo’s bespoke. I am pleased to know you and now a little bit of Michael. Well done, really really a great piece of art. Good combo here!

  7. Wonderful pictures but the picture of the wake made me feel nostalgic for my last ship in the U.S. Coast Guard for the first and only time. Well done.
    Steven Narbonne

    • The pictures are al courtesy of Michael, the blissful adventurer. I can only image :). Please if you get a chance to stop by his site let him know this, it would make him feel truly honored. Thank you!!

      • boomiebol, I just found your mail and dozens of others. I am a technophobe and didn’t know they were here! I will certainly do as you ask and am looking forward to his site.

    • Honestly i don’t know. I read them if it’s a topic I am interested in or a blogger I follow. It’s often posts about travel, food, movies, sports etc…posts with a lot of photos 🙂

  8. I know nothing about fresh or stale presses, but I do know something about what I love. I so loved your post. It shows excellent talent to be able to write such a captivating story from just looking at pictures. Your friend’s pictures too were great by the way. I think your piece shows great talent because you were not writing about yourself or a place you are familia with, yet you pulled something so captivating out of your hat. Great job. Love how you both made the collaboration come together.

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