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This Wait

The thirst grows with each drop of snow
Bumps like tiny points blanket in & around my inner thighs
And tight hips
Love and lust growing with each chill...

Puffs of thick white air fill the outside scene
And my cold sore lungs rise in anticipation
Ample bosom beating faster than normal

This wait for spring’s blossom and renewal is far past its prime

The loss of ’97


She had “it” all her life
But once she came into
she kept and held on to “it”

She wanted it that way
for as long as was right

Until she met the blaggard…

His name should have sent her running
but his big shiny whips seemed so appealing
a materialistic diva,greed took control

She allowed herself be enchanted
by his very obvious lies…

All over town he took her
from clubs to casinos
and everywhere in between

His trophy she was
He showed her off to the very best
and said she was his queen
his one and only all…

She smiled in delight
whenever she heard this
what did she know?
She thought it was love

Too bad for her
cause what she thought was love
He knew was naïveté,
and so he took full advantage

As she sank deeper,
and farther into his lies
She became his tool
Used at will
only for his senseless pleasure

Whether she cried in pain
or bled in horror…
His disgusting passion had taken over
There was no end to the nightmare

And when at last he found her ” it”
He took it without permission
in the lowest of places
At a stranger’s shack, in a very dirty hay

One poke, and prick and “it” was gone,
And without a good bye or thank you
So was he…