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This week over at KarenB’s poetry challenge, we are to use a “new” word that has evolved in pop culture to write a poem. After many attempts at cracking my big head and brain…I settled on these two poems. (Yep, i know i am a complete show off…)I hope they work out well.

Please feel free to check out Karen’s site for more on this week prompt and challenge, participate if you like. As always comments, and constructive criticisms are welcome. Thank you, and have a lovely week! The poems are titled- BLOG ON THE RUN and EARLY MORNING ANNOYANCES’


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I blog as I jog
Many posts forming in my head

I blog as I run
Too many words
Letting loose somewhere in my head
I know I mustn’t forget them

So I jot in my iPod
As I jog along
All the while thinking of my blog…

How many unfinished poems
Short stories and posts now wait?

How many comments and likes
Will I get today?

Two addictions now my latest crazes
These days I have become
A blogger on the run

The blogosphere and pavement
My new homes


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Two early morning annoyances
The black birds chirping and tweeting
Outside my bedroom window

My sister walking in screaming
Our phones going beep beep beep
Her silly word twitirrific is trending…

She is gone viral
Like an infectious disease

Twitter is gone cuckoo birds crazy
Everyone is tweeting…


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  1. Ha! Great point of view on the Twitter craze! And I totally agree with you on the blogging obsession. It seems every little thing that happens, I ask, “Can I blog about this?” – Great job!

  2. I love both poems… and could only but enjoy them… would one day love to be able to employ them… to pen my own little words of welcome… as a person not used to and seldom… able to put two lines together of invitation…

  3. I’ve been beating myself up for not making the time to run lately. Think I’ll be blogging and jogging tomorrow. Maybe some words will form then. You seem to have been pretty busy too. How’s everything?

    • I haven’t been running as much as I should either…but still making an effort. Yea those words often show up when it’s time to run, shower or drive :).

      Well not really just trying to sort things out on the home front…also looking to see if there’s more to this writing passion. All is well though. Thanks me dear :). Responded to your email…let me know if anything pops up, will do some brainstorming here as well. Hugs dear

  4. Nice words for an interesting truth. I think all bloggers started like this, believing that it must be heard what there is inside still unspoken and talked about. I do not blog so much often anymore as I did when I started that thing. And I found me two critics (one very powerful among the both, I would bite a peace out of my kneecap for her) to tell me when better to neglect a poem or writing. I feel much better so, although writing is very important to me. Also it is important, when I lay in my bed and recall my words, I need to have the feeling to have done every word right. After I allow myself more “space” I can spend several evenings and whole weekends forgetting about to blog and to remember everything that is maybe worth to create a story from. But if you are a blogaholic 😉 … I read thru some of you poems and what you’ve written about yourself…very interesting. My language is german so I think that you will not be very delighted when trying to translate what I’m writing about (you should see me grin now)

    I wish you an Ocean of words, always bringing stories like driftwood to your shore
    And so deep, that you will never reach the bottom, but diving deeper a bit every day
    Let your sun shine on it and clouds of beautiful thoughts will fill your sky
    Until they let rain fresh cool water onto the fields you have to plow
    For reaping plants one day, that have never seen before

    Excuse me if here is terrible mistakes in it. Have a nice day and … keep on writing …


    • Hi Frank,

      Thank you for such lovely words,I really appreciate them, and thanks for sharing them. I bet it is even more beautiful in german. Thank you so much again, glad you could relate to this post :).

      Love this poem you wrote

      • My pleasure. Sharing words is sharing pieces of important parts of us. There is not a word spoken or written, which had not a relationship to the person we all hide inside. Even if it is jokeing, yelling, whispering or anything else. This is what I’m seeking for. Diving into it. What is behind everything! Love, hate, fun, tears…so I’ll read some more of your poems and stories, curious…

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